Content Marketing, an idea that changes life in so many ways

As a business owner, you know that how your market or your business is at the heart of your success. In fact, most aspects of your business are dependent on you developing a successful marketing campaign. You may provide the best services or sell the best products, but if you don’t have a solid marketing plan, potential customers would never know about it. That is where Content Marketing comes to rescue.

Today’s prospects are looking for useful information, but have a strong resistance to the “hard sell.” Most consumers spend the time to research services online before making a purchase. They take the time to study different products, compare prices and features before ever stepping foot in a store.

Developing Your Content Marketing Strategy

One of the most powerful arms you can add to your overall marketing strategy is content marketing. Content marketing is used to establish you as a subject matter expert, which leads to an increase in your company’s revenue, as well as having a highprofit potential.

However, creating content to build your audience and create a successful business is not a fast growth strategy. It takes months for the content you produce to grow into its potential. 

The Content Marketing Ecosystem

When working with a recurring system, there are six parts that need to be included to ensure a healthy ecosystem;

  • High-quality front-end content
  • An opt-in offer
  • An email onboarding sequence
  • An initial conversion opportunity
  • A follow-up sequence
  • Another conversion opportunity

The Six Parts of the Recurring Content Ecosystem

  1. High-Quality Front End Content
  2. Provide an Opt-In Offer
  3. An Email Onboarding Sequence
  4. An Initial Conversion Opportunity
  5. A Follow-up Sequence 
  6. Another Conversion Opportunity

Finding Your Audience for Content Marketing

To create a successful content marketing strategy, you have to have a deep understanding of your audience because you need to focus your efforts on evergreen content that holds its value over time, and that continues to be useful to your audience.

While you may have a rough idea of who your target audience is, you probably don’t have a clearly defined persona that you can build a marketing strategy around. That’s why it is essential for your business to develop a customer avatar.

Why You Need a Customer Avatar

Over the last several years, the concept of a customer avatar has been gaining momentum. Developing a customer avatar allows you to develop a deeper understanding of your customer’s motivations, desires, fears, and problems that influence their buying decisions. Creating a profile that indicates your customer’s priorities, challenges, and goals, allows you to tailor your marketing campaign to serve them best.

While every business caters to a wide range of customers, creating a customer avatar allows you to identify your primary customer, those individuals for whom your service is a no-brainer. When determining if a market segment is the right fit for your business, you need to take a three-fold approach and consider; perspective, capabilities, and profit potential.  

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Making the Right Offers for Content Marketing

There is a degree of trial and error involved when developing the best offers and it can take some time for the perfect offer to materialize.

You might come up with multiple offers that will serve your target audience. To find the right offer you need to have a deep understanding of what matters most to your primary customers.

Utilizing Social Media

Every social network has its benefits, communication style and challenges. Knowing which platform will work best for you will depend on the audience you are trying to reach, the kind of content you are creating, and the goals you want to achieve.


Facebook remains the premier platform because it has a broad reach and a near-universal appeal which make it an easy to manage addition to your content marketing strategy. 


Twitter has more than 340 million active users a month, making it the king of the marketing micro-conversation. It has quickly become the top social media platform for consumers who are looking to stay informed and discuss what is happening in their life at that exact moment.


Videos that are uploaded to YouTube, attract billions of views every day, making this platform the king of video sharing.

Videos are universally appealing and emotionally resonant, making them a great way to create unique, immersive, and entertaining experiences to help drive brand awareness and accomplishing other top-of-the-funnel marketing goals. 


Instagram has taken the content-based micro-conversations that made Twitter a household name and added a visual spin. It is the perfect platform for businesses to capture the authentic moments that bring humanity to their market.


Pinterest has become the world’s largest scrapbook that elevates content into an easily cataloged art form. The platform works great for content discovery and has become popular with B2C marketers who are trying to turn window shoppers into informed buyers by sharing their passions.  


LinkedIn has long been recognized as the gold-standard of business-focused networking. When the platform opened it Publisher program, it allowed users to publish their own content. The platform began to emerge as a powerful tool for businesses.


Anyone who has a Google product, whether it is Gmail, drive, or analytics, has access to their own personal Google+ page. This makes the platform a wide-reaching and task-focused alternative to other social media platforms.

Taking the time to create your marketing blueprint will give you the tools your business needs to create and distribute thought-provoking and engaging content to build your audience and grow your business. 

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