The easiest way to save for your monthly expenses

Hey, Are you also one of them who at the end of the month suddenly find out “whoops!! I have spent much more than what I should for monthly expense!!” If you think you are in that category, this article is exclusive for you to understand the basic and the easiest ways to reduce the food expenses per month.

1. Use an automated tool for food and Monthly Expense Tracker

You can use any available Apps (a whole lot of them are available in free or Paid versions) Or any online Software tools that will keep track your spending for food. It will also warn/ alert you when you reach a particular amount Threshold for that particular Month.

Few such Apps are:

BillGuard: Keep track of you spending by type, month and location. Also get free access to your credit score and other identity protection tools like data breach alerts.

  • Price: Free;$83.88/year to add credit monitoring, identity theft insurance
  • Links to accounts: Yes
  • Manual input: No
  • Available on: iOS, Android

Dollarbird: Addpast or future income and expenses to a calendar that calculates the impact on your balance, as well as spending by category.

  • Price: Free
  • Links to accounts: No
  • Manual input: Yes
  • Available on: iOS, Android

LearnVest: Categorize transactions by expense type, set and track goals and always have a handy net worth calculation on hand.

  • Price: Free; $19/month (plus startup fee) to partner with a financial planner
  • Links to accounts: Yes
  • Manual input: Yes
  • Available on: iOS

and lot others available in Playstore/Appstore

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2. Find out Your Major Purchases

You can map out the particular food section (such as: Grocery, Clothing or other shopping) where you spend most of your monthly expense. Once you map it, you can create a separate food section where you can check it out more frequently. If the spend crosses the threshold, you can cut down your spending for that month or plan accordingly.

3.Wrap up your Internet and Cable Bill

This is one very important step to cut down your expenses. More often we see that if we pay cable and Internet Bill separately. it costs us more than that if we can use any bundle pack or Combo pack for Internet and Cable. You can reduce your monthly cost to a great extent per month with this way if followed properly.

4. Don’t order a full meal if you cannot consume it

This is also a frequent seen where we order more than we can actually consume. It might seem less per day, however, if checked in monthly basis, it can save a whole lot of money per month with this strategy. Thus, it is always recommended that order only that much what you can actually eat.

5. Don’t go for Shopping if you’re hungry. When you shop on an empty stomach, everything suddenly looks delicious! You may be more tempted to buy unhealthy choices and foods you don’t need.

So, these are top 5 tricks found in a global Survey. I, myself, started using these recently and they can actually really save a lot of our monthly income. hope it will also work for you and I hope you will certainly use these tricks. Aren’t you?

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