Hot Ideas for Viral Fanpages

What is viral facebook fanpage and why should you create it?

Don’t know what facebook fanpages are?

Facebook, a social networking site with over 500 million users, has set up a system where you can add a page to their site.  This page could be a site for your business, for you as a person, for a charity or cause or anything else you would like. 

For us internet marketers, we use it to target a niche or product group that we can market to.

By having a fanpage like this, you can invite people to “like” or join your fanpage.  These people can then invite all their facebook friends to also join your facebook fanpage.  This means that the more people that like your page, the more people would see that their friends “liked” your page.  This can cause your page to go viral, meaning it will keep on getting massive amounts of fans without you having to invite anyone.

So what do you do after you have a fanpage with thousands of fans?

You monetize it, meaning you create a way that you can profit from it.  This is so easy, because you can post an update on the fanpage, which your fans will see on their Facebook news feed.  This means that every time you make an update, thousands of people would see your update or advertisement and potentially hundreds of them could click on them, of which many will buy your product or complete your offer, which in turn would make you money.

HOT Niches/Markets/ideas to go after for your Fanpages

Many internet marketers already know how powerful Facebook Fanpages could be for driving traffic and boosting your online profits.  There are hundreds if not thousands of internet marketers and businesses who are making full time incomes just by marketing through Facebook fanpages.

Imagine how endless the possibilities would be if you had a fanpage with a 124,560 fans.  You will have true push button traffic at your fingertips.

For example, take a look at the following Fanpages and notice the topics and the number of people who have joined.

Fanpage number 1

Title of Fanpage – I like your makeup…LOL JK, it looks like you got gangbanged by Crayola!

Now this fanpage has over 1 million members and it is a prime example of a fanpage that has gone viral.

Notice the topic – it is funny and at the same time people on Facebook like “funny” Fanpages.

You can make money from viral Fanpages by selling Gigs on Fiverr or renting out “Status Update space” to potential advertisers or people.

People are already offering this guy money for this fanpage!

Take a look at the “reviews” section.

Now this person does not need to worry about making money from CPA or Clickbank with this fanpage because he/she has already created a fanpage that is potentially worth thousands of dollars.

Fanpage Number 2

Title – I Hate Getting Texts That Only Say “k”

Here is another fanpage that has gone “viral” and has over 3 million fans.

Now this Fanpage is pretty funny but its something that people can relate to.

How many times have you had your friends SMS you and reply to you with the word “k”. I know I hate this! You will notice that this Fanpage has generated a lot of interest and the owner is cashing in by promoting affiliates. However, you should notice that this owner is not using a landing page or a welcome page. By using a landing page he can double the amount of visitors to his fanpage.

Fanpage Number 3

Title Sleeping with the aircon/fan and the doona on at the same time Like

As you can see this fanpage was started in December 24th 2009 and it is already attracted just over 408,000 people.

This is another example of a “viral” type of topic that can attract a lot of interest in a short space of time.

Here is a FULL List of all the different Fanpages you might want to create for them to go “viral”.

I hate it when a person blows smoke in my face!

I love rubbing my feet against my quilt at night and stay warm!

I LOVE it when it rains at night and I can hold my pillow tight and fall asleep!

I love the taste of chocolate when its melted!

I hate it when my glasses get steamed up cos of the RAIN!!

I hate it when you kiss someone and then there’s an awkward silence I hate people who miss call you because they don’t have airtime! I hate it when my boyfriend looks at other girls when he’s out with me

I hate it when people stare at you when you are eating!

I hate people who talk loud on buses!

I hate sitting next to strangers on buses!

I hate it when tall people tower above you and you feel like crap!

These are just some of the viral types of Fanpages you can create.

Remember people will join your fanpage if they can relate to something. Some of the Fanpages are so simple but powerful because people can relate to them. These events are occurring in our everyday lives.

Always try to create a fanpage that is unique and has never been done before. Once your Fanpage goes viral you will find it will end up having a “snow ball” effect and you will not need to do any promotion.

Hope, you will get an idea how a Viral Facebook Fanpage can expand your Business at an unbelievable rate. Isn’t it?

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