How to Find the Best Niche for Blogging in 2020-21

If you are wondering looking at the Bloggers who make thousands of Dollars just by Blogging, but there you just couldn’t find a proper Niche for Blogging that can be suitable for you and also the current demand, Dear Friend then this article is for you.

Of Course, there are many ways how can categorize the Blogging niche. It can be Infinite!! Whooah!! Yes, Infinite is a pretty big number and you might not believe what I’m saying here and I don’t blame you.

In the traditional sense, when it comes to blogging what do you have available for you? In the past, I would’ve said you should stick to these if you were looking for the most profitable blog niches:

  1. How to make money
  2. Personal finance
  3. Food
  4. Fashion
  5. Travel
  6. Crafts
  7. Pets

That was pretty much it.

But that’s a bit ridiculous isn’t it? 7 blog niches for everyone to share?

It felt like if you started a blog outside one of those niches then you stood absolutely no chance of success.

People would continue to ask me what was the best niche for blogging and the answer is pretty simple.

One of those 7 above that you could tolerate working with.

But that isn’t the case now.

Actually, it was never the case.

It was just that so many bloggers were seeing success with Pinterest back in the days that you wanted to choose a niche that worked well on Pinterest.

Well, now that Pinterest no longer sends new blogs gobs of traffic (you can view our case study here), that leaves a bit more room for strategy.

And that strategy is understanding what a niche really is.

Let me tell you Understanding your likings and connecting your Blog Niche with that are the most important areas to be successful in this field.

  1. I must tell you to firsthand note down all the topics you like irrespective of profitability.
  2. Next, mark all those topic which are comparatively profitable than the others.

Once you are sort out these 2 points, just go ahead and see some stories of successful bloggers of those fields and BOOM! Start Yours!

Don’t look for profit in initial weeks and create contents and contents and contents!! You will surely see traffic in only after few weeks of dedication!

Be consistent and keep blogging according to a schedule. It will take a while before you start seeing hundreds of visitors coming to your site and buying your affiliate products. So, be patient. Eventually, you’ll see the successful results of your hard work.

All the best to all of you!! Hope, this article is an introspection of all of us, Isn’t it?

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